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-The Quarry- Skulldiggery Book 2 Available now!

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The Quarry: Skulldiggery Book 2: Gritzmacher, DM: 9798986638737: Books

Hoping to escape the horrors of World War II, Jeanne Butte and her family take refuge in an ancient Roman quarry on the outskirts of their French village. But the little girl soon finds the quarry, like her family, holds deep, dark secrets. When Jeanne finally emerges from the underground shelter, the four-year-old is found alone among a cluster of Roman ruins just outside her village. With no memory of her time lost below or what became of her parents, the orphaned girl is shipped overseas to live with her aunt. Growing up near Chicago, Jeanne tries to fit in and pursues the classic American dream.

Nearly forty years later, Jeanne finds herself struggling in life. Newly divorced and with a child of her own, lost details from her past begin emerging. Jeanne impulsively returns to the French village of her birth, hoping to find some sense of closure. When she is shown her own tombstone, Jeanne becomes determined to reenter the ancient Roman quarry. When she descends into the chasm for a second time, Jeanne finds something had been expecting her all along.

Though entirely fiction, this disturbing tale pulls from historical fact, ancient pagan beliefs, and French legends. The story weaves timelines together from 1944, 1979, and present day as Jeanne struggles with an ageless horror you can’t simply run away from.

Has Jeanne ever not been, or escaped, the quarry?

-The Relict-Skulldiggery Book 1 Available now!

Ask for it at your favorite bookstore! Or use the link below. The Relict (Skulldiggery): 9798986638713: Gritzmacher, DM: Books

The discovery of skeletal remains opens old wounds in a quiet Midwestern community decades after multiple young women had vanished without a trace from the area. Aging irreverent metalhead Russell Stander returns to the wooded site of his big sister’s crude interment filled with foreboding and hoping for closure. Soon after, all near the grim visage known locally as Skull Rock, more badly decomposed human remains are soon discovered. Stander races to unravel the age-old allure of Skull Rock, and the disturbing intent behind the contemporary psychopaths seeding its mountainside with corpses, with the help of recently retired detective Tom Secrist. But each spiraling step plunges both men deeper into an ancient horror centuries in the making.

Gunnar, a Norseman settler, comes face to face with the evil that slaughtered his family. To save his clan, Gunnar undertakes a harrowing odyssey across the untamed wilderness of North America. Desperate to stay one step ahead of the malevolent force that stalks him.

Three men, born a thousand years apart, their destinies bound together by a timeless evil. Can either man unravel the mystery of the monstrous thing lurking unseen before it consumes them and everyone they love…?

Coming Soon! -The Lingering- Skulldiggery Book 3